Words cannot express how amazing the staff at Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique are. They are fun, energetic, knowledgeable and professional. What a great experience! Can’t wait to go back with my bridal party for their dresses!

Jennifer - 2.11.18

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased and delighted I was with the entire experience ! From the minute we walked in, we felt at home, listened to, and thoughtfully met with professionalism and FUN ! I won't lie, the first dress was beautiful, and I thought, wow...we found it. Then out she came in the second and it took my breath away ! She had found the one to make her dreams come to reality. They not only let you take pictures but encouraged it ! It's no wonder they are expanding ! They have a great thing going and I wish nothing but good things for them. Thank you all so much for helping a young woman mold her dream into reality...Sincerely a very happy mom!

Anne - 3.25.18

I found my dream dress today at the Lillian West trunk show at Lambs Hill. It was my first time there. Before I even walked in, I knew this would be the place where I found THE dress. At the front door, I was greeted with a welcome easel with my name written on it welcoming me to the trunk show. I felt so special! As soon as I walked in, all of the girls there greeted me with a smile & were all super friendly and very professional. They knew exactly what my vision was after showing only a few photos of what I was looking for. The first dress they had me try on ended up being the dress of my dreams! Not only were the girls super attentive, they took their time to listen to my vision, were sensitive of my budget, and made sure that I didn’t feel rushed to make a decision...I will recommend Lambs Hill to any bride to be. I couldn’t be more excited to have my dream dress!

Charisse - 3.28.18

You know how you dream about getting a wedding dress from the time you’re 10, and you watch all the shows and do all the Pinterest boards and google searches... Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique is the culmination of all of that. It was a comfortable, beautiful, loving experience for both of my appointments. The ladies that work there only care about the brides. They weren’t pushy, I never felt rushed or pressured, and they used their expertise to offer suggestions and help decision making while being super supportive. The shop is beautiful, as are the ladies who work there. I found my dress during my second appointment, right off the bat, and the shop made it such a magical moment when I said yes! I couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience.

Kimberley - 1.18.18

Lamb's Hill Bridal was the second dress shop I visited and I knew immediately I was going to find my dress here. The store itself is beautiful. It has a rustic theme but very open, airy and bright! Everyone there was extremely friendly and accommodating. I came with a large group and they brought extra seating down for my family and made sure everyone was comfortable. They have a great selection of unique, quality dresses at reasonable prices. We loved that the dresses were all out in the open and that we were able to browse and look at different styles. I had a great experience here and would definitely recommend this boutique to anyone!


Words cannot express how incredibly happy and thankful I am for Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique! This was my first and only stop when wedding dress shopping. Each gown that I tried on was breathtakingly beautiful and the store was classy and clean. The personal attention I received from the owner and staff made me feel extremely comfortable and confident when deciding to purchase. I would highly recommend Lambs Hill to any bride to be!


Great experience from the moment I booked my appointment. I received a text message right away from Lois. Great personal service, they really would like to know your style and vision. Arrived an hour early for my appointment, they still accommodated me & my family. Joana was my stylist on my first visit, she was professional, sweet and easy to work with! She knew right away my style. I had to come back a week later to try again my favorite dress but ended up saying YES to a different dress. (Decisions, decisions!) Lois was my second stylist, fun & professional at the same time! They all worked together as a team. I’m happy that I’ve found my dress here at Lambs Hill! Thank you Joana and Lois, and to the rest of Lambs Hill team. Will definitely recommend you guys!

Judith - 1.19.18

I had made an appointment with a women who was very encouraging, and made me truly look forward to the experience of trying on dresses, although I was very unsure of what I wanted for my special day. Upon stepping into the gorgeous rustic chic store, I was welcomed with open arms, a bottle of water and given the opportunity to look around for myself with my Maid of Honor, and mother. As we did that, the consultant also pulled dresses she thought would be appropriate. for my body type and style. The first dress was my pick, and I hated the style! The second dress was selected by the sale consultant (totally opposite of what I wanted), and it was the one! I am so glad she presented me with such a beautiful dress....I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience at Lamb Hill. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an intimate and relaxed experience with unique dress choices to go!


I just loved the boutique, I love the rustic and romantic feel it has. It really is a charming place and the gowns were just beautiful! It was my first time trying on gowns, my consultant made me feel comfortable. I didn't need to try on many to find my gown! I had a great experience, the ladies there are so nice and thoughtful. I would definitely recommend the boutique to anyone/everyone.


From the minute I was interested in Lambs Hill it was a pleasant experience. Joana responded to my email quickly and professionally. Just through email I couldn't wait to work with her. When I went to Lambs Hill I had already been to a dress shop and was feeling a little overwhelmed. Joana greeted my family and I at the door and was extremely welcoming considering I brought so many people with me. She asked me all the right questions, never minded how many dresses I wanted to try on and gave me as much time as I wanted. I never once felt rushed or uncomfortable. I left without buying anything and never felt like I had to purchase anything right then. Joana gave me plenty of time and emailed me once to ask if I wanted to come back to try the one dress on again. From beginning to end she was perfect and I couldn't have imagined an easier time finding my dress. Thank you so much Joana!


I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Joana. She made me feel so comfortable and it was awesome getting to know her before saying YES! I can't wait to wear my classic Justin Alexander ball gown this summer and my amazing accessories (belt, veil and head piece) I highly recommend shopping for your wedding dress at Lambs for a personal and lovely experience! Thank you!


Went here today with my family for my sister, Amanda, to try on dresses. This was the first place she had gone and she didn't have a certain style or design in mind yet. Lois helped us find beautiful dresses and she was absolutely awesome with everything. She was helpful and very friendly. This boutique has a nice selection of dresses and is very cozy. There's multiple dressing rooms and they make very good use of the space they have. I know Amanda is very happy with the help she received today and will be back to try on the dress we all fell in love with. Thank you for wonderful service.


Lamb's Hill Bridal Boutique made finding my wedding dress a fun, stress-free experience. Both Lois and Charlotte were there for my initial appointment and I was made to feel very comfortable and beautiful in every dress I tried on. I had a specific style in mind but they helped me think out of the box and try on styles that I would've never though of. One of them being the dress that I ended up choosing for my big day. Both Lois and Charlotte went above and beyond to help me envision my dress with the slight changes we would be making. I never felt pressure to purchase after my first appointment. I was able to come back, try on a few more dresses and ultimately choose the original dress I fell in love with. I would highly recommend Lamb's Hill Bridal Boutique for your dream wedding dress.

Leanna - 10.24.17

I met Lois at a bridal expo our personalities just meshed. I'm a plus size woman(18w), she made my experience easy, comfortable and stress free. I really felt like I was with one of my girlfriends. She was great! She took the extra time to make sure I wasn't rushed to make a decision. I'm truly happy she approached me at the bridal show and gave me the opportunity to get a dress of my taste not something from a chain shop! I couldn't believe I had so many choices in my size! I can't thank her enough! I'm glad I also made a new friend!

Michelle - 1.29.18

As soon as I walked into this place I knew I was going to find The dress for me. Even talking on the phone with Lois last week to make an appointment I was so excited. She was absolutely AMAZING to work with and knew exactly what I liked even before I got there. She knows what she’s doing and made my time there so special and so wonderful. We found the perfect dress for my farm wedding and I am SO excited and so happy I chose Lamb’s Hill Bridal. Thank you Lois (and her assistant) for being so helpful and so wonderful today! Everyone should come here to get their dress!! She is AMAZING!!!

Jackie - 12.30.17

I cannot thank the owner and staff of Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique enough for my one of a kind dress shopping experience. Not only is their new boutique so darling, but they make it such a personal experience. To speak directly to the components of their overall rating, the quality of service was beyond! The wedding industry has become so saturated with vendors who just want to get you "in and out" so it was a really refreshing experience at Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique. They were extremely flexible with my appointment schedule, and so responsive & professional throughout the process. I pretty much knew the dress I wanted going in but it seems like they have a wide variety and selection for all budgets and without any markups which makes them such a great value! Joana was incredible and so thoughtful through the decision journey. She was happy to give advice but also very encouraging for me to follow my heart. Charlotte was also fantastic throughout this process. I LOVE my dress and cherish the memories made at Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique!


Charlotte's dresses are simply the best in the area. If you want a dress that is modern and sophisticated, you must take a look at her selection. She is wonderful, as is Joana, when it comes to assisting you with finding a style that matches you perfectly.